WiS - Weather in schools

About this project

Students from the age of 12 to 18 years will observe meteorological phenomena such as air temperature, air pressure, solar radiation, wind speed, humidity, wind chill at the real time with identical weather stations from different places in Europe. Envisaged products: a website for communication and presentation of results, weather forecasts, didactic materials on meteorology.

Students will learn to interpret meteorological data and they will make a scientific project with partners in different countries. They will get to know students from other European countries and they will learn to work in English which is not their native language.

The partners would like to improve the student's motivation in science, technology, mathematics, physics, geography, climatology and nature. The students will get acquainted with different and challenging technologies (such as weather stations, web cameras, ICT, specific meteorological software). In order to reach the aim they will have to function in systematic and scientific teamwork. Teachers and students will learn to practise interdisciplinary and global thinking.

Through this project the partners hope to extend alternative and innovative teaching approaches both inside and outside the classrom already used in these schools. The partners would also like to awake students´ natural curiosity about meteorological phenomena and happenings around them in order to highlight environmental problems - air pollution, global warming, acid rains etc. via ICT and the Media. Finally, both teachers and students will broaden their cultural interest and a deeper knowledge of the social reality in the different European countries.

Map of participating countries

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