About our school...

Taurage Versme Gymnasium is a four-year general secondary education school in the town of Taurage (with the population of approximately 20000) in the south-west of Lithuania over 100km away from the biggest cities of Lithuania. Quite a big number of students come frome families where parents have emigrated to other EU countries in search of a better job on a permanent or temporary basis and such students are taken care of by their grandparents or relatives.

Also, due to difficult economic situation quite many students´ parents are unemployed and therefore receive small unemployment or social benefits. Participation of such students in projects gives them an excellent opportunity to learn languages better, to meet new people and broaden their minds by learning new things, travelling and getting acquainted with different cultures. Our school is high-rated among other Lithuanian schools and we are quite strong at sciences as well as languages.

Therefore, we would like to further strenghten these areas to help our students as well as teachers to get more involved and interested in these fields of learning and teaching.