About our school...

The IES Jaime Vera is a secondary school located in the north-west of Madrid, the capital city of Spain, which has about 4 million inhabitants. The school caters for compulsory and upper secondary education (12-18 years old). It has 375 students, with a high percentage of immigrant students (70%), some of them in risk of social exclusion. Supportive programmes are running on: compensatory programmes for underachievers, integration programme for students with special needs and a mentorship programme (PROA) for students who need extra curricular help. Our school is located in an urban area very well communicated. Most students live in the neighbourhood. Recently our school has undergone a change in the Governing Body and the staff is now highly motivated to improve the teaching methods, the team work and the quality of education.

One of the main characteristics of our school is the big number of out-school activities that are very successful among our students.

We have participated in a Comenius partnership which has provided great motivation to students and teachers, giving them resources to improve quality in the school. This is a reason why the school community wish to apply again for another project, being aware of the multiples benefits of the European cooperation.